Logitech N100 Notebook Cooling Pad Review

Logitech N100 Notebook Cooling Pad Review

The Logitech N100 Laptop Cooling Pad is a notebook stand with a built-in cooling fan. It is perfect for people with overheating laptops, and for users who want to lift their laptop off their desk for a more comfortable use on their lap. Although somewhat pricey, the Logitech N100’s exterior is sturdy and user-friendly, making it a worthwhile investment.

Main Features Of The Logitech N100 Laptop/ Notebook Cooling Pad

Comfortable Plastic Exterior With Vibrant, Green/White Colours

The product’s design and shape is inspired by nature, meaning that it’s not only good looking but comfortable to use. The sturdy build protects the inside fan from dust and external damage.

Unobstructed Airflow Cools To The Max While Keeping Power Consumption Low

The Logitech N100 laptop stand’s shape is designed to generate unobstructed airflow that, cleverly employing the laws of thermodynamics, results in a chillier laptop. The USB-powered fan is energy-efficient (doesn’t eat up the laptop’s battery) and eliminates the need for an external power source.

Perfect Levelling For Your Eyes And Wrists

Although mainly a cooling stand, the Logitech N100 Cooling Pad provides extra comfort while you type, by slightly raising the rear end of the laptop.

Technical Specifications Of The Logitech N100 Laptop/ Notebook Cooling Pad:

  • Silent Cooling With A Single, USB-Powered Fan
  • Nature-inspired Green And White Colouring
  • Curved Design Gives More Air Circulation For Extra Cooling
  • Product Dimensions: 39 x 29 x 5 cm
  • Fits Laptops And Macs Up To 17”
  • Rubber Pads To Prevent Slippage