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Headphones Electronics

Headphones have gained immense importance in our society because of their increased usage and popularity throughout the world. You might have noticed that the use of headphones electronics is not only common among youngsters- in fact, people of all ages are well aware of their uses and make their use an essential item of the […]

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What Are Drones Used For

Drones are a piece of technology growing in popularity. These small flying objects have been the subject of entertainment as well as controversy. Kids love putting drones on their birthday and Christmas lists. Drones are just like remote controlled cars that can go new places. With a bird’s eye view, it is easy to see […]

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Logitech N100 Notebook Cooling Pad Review

The Logitech N100 Laptop Cooling Pad is a notebook stand with a built-in cooling fan. It is perfect for people with overheating laptops, and for users who want to lift their laptop off their desk for a more comfortable use on their lap. Although somewhat pricey, the Logitech N100’s exterior is sturdy and user-friendly, making […]

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Zalman Ultra Quiet 15″ Notebook Cooler Review

The Zalman Ultra Quiet 15” Notebook Cooler is an effective notebook cooler for laptop users with overheating problems. It comes with two fans, and is a cost-effective way of reducing the laptop’s core temperatures. The Ultra Quiet 15” provides two additional USB hubs for all the accessories you need. Main Features Of The Zalman Ultra […]

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Best Laptop Stands For Desks

There is a great number of different laptop stands, and not all of them are suitable for use on your desk. In this article, we’ll review some laptop stands for desks that feature a steep slope – the most important quality for desktop laptop stands — and thus should be preferred for desktop use. What […]

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New Samsung monitors allow you to charge your smartphone

Samsung in South Korea presented their new SE370 monitor, a screen that does not look very different from other brand, but has a quality that makes it special: a platform for wireless charging in the base of the device . The wireless charging system monitor uses the Qi standard, compatible with the Galaxy S6 and […]

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Dictate your WhatsApp messages from Google

Through its blog dedicated to Google Now , the Mountain View company reported that its voice assistant now supports most messaging applications. Currently, from Google Now you can dictate messages that are sent to other users via Hangouts, Messenger, SMS or Gmail. But now the tool has extended this functions to other services, including WhatsApp, […]

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