Pebble SmartWatch Reviews

Pebble SmartWatch Reviews

The Pebble Smart Watch is one of the only smartwatches for both iPhone and android devices. This customizable watch will keep in the loop while on the go. From the watch face to the apps, you customize it all to fit your needs. You will have everything you need right on your wrist.

The watch was especially created to make your life easier while you are on the go. It connects to your iPhone and android devices via Bluetooth. You are able to get all your important calls, messages, and updates in a instant. Together with its user friendly interface and the long lasting battery you will be able to get all your information exactly when you need it.

Features At A Glance

You are able to customize the Pebble smartwatch features and apps to suit your personal interests. The operation is quite user-friendly with the battery lasting much longer than most of the other competitor products out there. The product comes with a USB charging cable as well as a screen which is readable in bright daylight or underwater for that matter.

The design helps to give you all the information you need in one glance. The e-Paper display would allow you to easily read whatever is on the screen even during direct sunlight. The product is lightweight and extremely comfortable to wear.

Pebble will not only tell you the time, it will display much more such as email, text and caller ID right on your wrist using the various apps inbuilt in it. You can confidently leave your phone in the pocket while socializing on the go.

While you will receive all your notifications and have the option to accept or decline calls on the watch you can not answer calls with it. There is no microphone so you have to use your phone to talk. You can however answer with your bluetooth headset directly from the watch.

The smartwatch consists of UP and DOWN button with easy access to scroll through all the menus in the watch. The select button would take you to the main menu which consist of music, alarm, control and settings. The backlight is illuminated with a simple tap on your watch. The watch could be charged by simply connecting it to a computer using the USB cable which comes with the product.


The smartwatch would send you alerts with silent vibrations about incoming calls, notifications from different apps like Facebook, Twitter and meeting reminders. It will keep you up-to-date on your day to day activities while you are quite busy and on the go.

You are able to get discreet updates with notifications on Pebble. Text messages, caller ID, email, calendar alerts as well as notifications from Twitter, Facebook and Instagram could be received via Pebble while you are on the go.


The watch is easy to personalize so that it will reflect your own personality and style in the process. There is a variety of downloadable watch-faces for you to select from. Pebble would connect wirelessly via Bluetooth with android and iOS devices.

Your smartwatch will provide you with quick access to a wide range of downloadable apps, so that you are able to connect with a endless supply of interests and hobbies. RunKeeper is a popular fitness app which would help runners and cyclists to track their performances. The FreeCaddie golf app would let you find a golf course near to your location from more than 25,000 golf courses listed on it.

There are new apps always added to Pebble since it is an open platform. You are able to control your favorite music apps such as iTunes, Pandora and Spotify from the smartwatch itself without missing a single beat while you are cycling, running or just listening to music at home.


The watch is quite safe in saltwater or fresh water as well as when you get down to the pool for a swim. It is waterproof up to approx. 165′.

Scratch Resistant Display

The scratch resistant display will keep the watch safe even after it has taken some hard knocks.


The typical battery life is between 5 to 7 days. This will depend on the number of notifications received, type of apps used, and use of the backlight. The indicator is found in the top right corner of the menu screens and notifications. The low battery indicator is not visible on the watch face.

The watchband is a latex free polyurethane band that is 8.5? long. It has a metal clasp for closure. The band can easily be replaced with most standard 22mm bands. The Pebble Steel has a leather strap that is 8-1/16 inches or 205mm.

Pebble Smartwatch vs Pebble Steel

The inside operating system and the features are the exact same. The differences are in the body, the watchband, colors and the price. The colors and the watchband have already been discussed.

The body of the original Pebble is made of plastic with 4 nickel free screws in the back and is 33 x 50.8 x 11 mm. The body of the Steel is made of Corning Gorilla Glass and is 43 x 34.1 x 10.3 mm.

The cost difference is big but the original is smaller and made of plastic so it must be taken care of. The Steel is built tough and is larger. It also has a much more elegant look to it.