LG G Watch R Review

LG G Watch R Review

This smartwatch is designed for use with select compatible Android devices with Bluetooth 4.0 technology. This allows for easy syncing for receiving and viewing mobile notifications.

The 1.3 inch P-OLED display features touch screen technology that is compatible with the majority of Android 4.3 and newer operating systems on selected devices. The full circle face allows for easy viewing and monitoring activities.


Enjoy the benefits of fitness integration in the Watch R built in system for monitoring heart rate. This feature allows for syncing with popular fitness programs such as weight loss programs, activity monitoring and reaching optimum heart rates for cardio workouts.

This Android wear also features OK Google voice commands for ease and convenience in operation. Through use with the Hey Google app, users can easily send texts with the voice command option when connected via Bluetooth.

Customization of the Screen

The screen for the LG G R can be changed to meet user preferences as the screen is fully customizable. The Google App Store features pre made designs, or you have the option of building your own designs through specialized apps. Personalizing the screen is made easy through these easy to use compatible apps.


It comes with a 22 mm strap that is interchangeable for changing the band to suit the preferences of the wearer. There are options for leather or rubber materials. A variety of colors are also available such as gray or black. Adjustable bands allow for a customized fit for smaller, medium or larger sized wrists.

Battery Life

The smartwatch requires one lithium ion battery for powering, which is included with the purchase. The stock battery with this model is an upgraded 410 mAh battery with an average run time of 2 days before recharging through a dock system is required.


The G Watch R offers a good variety of features and advanced options when used with compatible Android devices and applications. The display is customizable, bright, clear and easy to view. Improvements in the battery capacity and running time are also a plus.

The LG G Watch R is a popular model that provides an attractive appearance with fully customizable screen and interchangeable watchbands. A little on the pricey side when compared to its predecessor, most customers don’t complain about the price and have given this model high ratings for being a high quality product in the Android wear line.