GoPro Hero4 Review

GoPro Hero4 Review

The GoPro Hero4 takes you from being a novice videographer to a professional without all the hard work. The camera’s QuikCapture feature makes it easy to hand over the GoPro to the young or old and still capture stunning action shots. It’s durability makes this a great camera for even the roughest of players.

This GoPro Hero4 review will tell you everything you need to know to pick your next action camera, starting from the very basics. You no longer have to be a professional videographer, or pay someone who is, to record all your memorable moments. With the new and improved features introduced this camera is all you will need to capture you best moments.

GoPro cameras make it exceedingly easy to catch all your activities, no matter how extreme, on high quality video. The cameras are waterproof and durable so they’re up to anything you can come up with. They are even wearable and mountable for ultimate portability and make videoing easier than it’s ever been.

The GoPro Hero4 takes the basic GoPro to a whole new level. In addition to being waterproof and the rugged durability of the original camera, the Hero4 boasts a built in Wi-Fi, Bluetooth, and ProTune. The camera is the first GoPro to have a touch screen display so you can immediately play back all of your action shots and videos.

The QuikCapture feature provides the ease of powering on and recording with a single button, while still allowing other features such as HiLight Tag for editing and sharing all of your pictures and videos. The Burst feature lets your capture 30 frames per second so you get every single action shot. Night time settings can be used for all your night time adventures with same great quality as the day time ones.


You can capture 1080p 60 and 720p 120 video with the GroPro Hero4, along with single or time lapse photos that can be set between 0.5 to 60 seconds apart. With this camera, your smart phone can be transformed into a Smart Remote, able to control your camera from up to 600 feet away. The SuperView feature allows a wide angle shot like never before, capturing more in your picture than previous GoPro models.

The improved camera control features a dedicated button for you to quickly access and adjust camera settings. The improved menus have simplified the settings making them easier than ever.

Built In Wi-Fi and Bluetooth

The built in Wi-Fi and Bluetooth allows yout o connect to the GoPro app, smart remote, and more. Using the GoPro app allows you to turn your phone or tablet into a remote for your camera. You will have full control of all the camera functions and settings through the app.

Once you capture your video and pictures you can then share your work by text, email, social media including Facebook, and more.


The new Quikcapture mode turns your camera into a one button camera. With the press of a single button you can power on and start recording automatically. Just press and release to record or press and hold for 2 seconds to capture Time Lapse photos.

HiLight Tag

Another new feature for the Hero4 is the HiLight Tag feature. This will allow you to mark important or significant moments while recording for easy retrieval later. You can quickly locate the key moments for playback, editing, or sharing using the app or the studio functions. All you need to do is press the dedicated button on the camera, smart remote, or use the app to tag the highlights.

Auto Low Light

The auto low light mode changes the frame rates based on lighting. This allows you to effortlessly move from bright and dark environments without making adjustments to your settings.

Night Pictures

There are two new modes that have been introduced the the Hero4, Night Photo and Night Lapse. You can now capture ultra low light pictures using these modes like never before. Whether you are hanging out at a campfire or shooting the night sky you will be amazed at the quality of your nighttime pictures.


The GoPro Hero4 also has great audio performance that is smoother and more clear than previous versions of the camera. As added benefits, the camera comes with the GoPro App and GoPro Studio for editing all for free.


The GoPro is durable and waterproof up to 131′ (40m). It is designed to withstand extreme environments and conditions. Go diving, snorkling, and more while capturing every moment.

Battery Life

The battery life is good up to 2 hours depending on settings. Depending on the size of your SD memory card, 2 hours may exceed your memory card limits.