Garmin Virb Action Camera Review

Garmin Virb Action Camera Review

Do you have that special memory that you would like to reminisce over and over and over again? I know we all do. That unique moment that you would want to relive, those people in your life that you would want to see daily.Which is the best way to have your desire? Through a picture or a recording of cause. Taking photos is the best way to remember special people and occasions.

However, the quality of your pictures can affect your desire to have the pictures taken. The clearer the picture the more vivid the memory. Getting a quality camera is not easy. Many come with complicated settings that make their operation quite challenging. However, this is not the case with the Garmin Virb Action Camera.

The Garmin Virb Elite is a one of a kind camera that offers it users more options in capturing pictures and recording videos. Virb renders quality images and videos that are clear and precise. This high performance device is meant for anyone with a desire for professional output even without the professional training. This durable Garmin camera is easy to use for all.

The Garmin Virb Elite hd action camera has numerous features that make it stand out from other cameras in the market. From snapping photos while you are are recording video with a simple push of a button to the advanced sound and video productions of the Garmin you will be simply amazed at this one of a kind action camera.

Wide Lens

This feature allows the user to capture pictures over a wide view. It enables the camera to have three lens settings namely narrow, medium and wide for that perfect capture. The Virb elite also features lens distortion correction. This enables the camera to automatically correct any anomalies in any frame.

Advanced Noise Reduction Technology

The Garmin Virb Action Camera uses state of the art technology that enables it to record clear sounds. This is aided by its capability to reduce surrounding noises.

Internal microphone

The internal microphone embedded within the camera is intended to enhance the sound quality during a video recording.

Output slots

The camera comes with a USB cable that makes it easier to transfer files from the camera to your PC without any hustle.

Expandable memory

The Garmin Virb Elite Action camera allows for the use of a Micro SD card for up to 64 GB. This means that you can save more photos and videos before transferring them to your PC or deleting them.

Image processor

This Garmin camera has a powerful image processor that enables the camera to take multiple HD video modes. The video modes available include 848×[email protected], [email protected] or 60fps, [email protected] or 48fps and [email protected] This is accompanied with a CMOS with 16MP.

Still image capture

Using advanced technology, the camera is capable of delivering still images even when the object being pictured is in motion. The camera takes precise images at a specific time in the motion either in 16MP, 12MP or 8 MP.

ANT+ connectivity

This allows the camera to be connected with other compatible Garmin devices for various purposes including data transfer.

Water resistant

The Garmin’s camera water resistance nature enables one to have more experience with it. It also reduces the stress that comes with damaging the phone through water penetration. It can withstand contact with water for 30 minutes if within a depth of 1 meter. It also has an optional dive case that enables it to withstand up to 50 meters of water depth.

Extended Battery Life

This camera uses a rechargeable 2000mAh Lithium-ion battery. On a full charge, the battery can last for up to 3.5 hours on the 1080p settings. The battery life can vary depending on the HD mode set. Moreover, this is a removable battery. It is thus easy to have it replaced when worn out or have a spare when traveling.